Immanuel Episcopal Church



Here at Immanuel we believe that education is a life long process. There is always something to learn about God, about our relationship with God and with each other, and about how we are called to respond to the world.

We know we can't do it all -- at least not all at once! We also recognize that each of us learns differently. Some of us like to read, others like to discuss, and still others want to get out and "do." So our education takes different forms.

Sunday School is offered as needed every Sunday during the school year for children who are about age five or older beginning at 10:00 am.

Our Sunday School team always provides a mix of teaching, learning and craft projects to keep the children engaged. We know that not every child can be in Sunday School every week. Therefore, we plan our activities so that no one feels left out or that they missed anything when they return.

Every child is welcome at Sunday School!

Adult Religious Education is offered on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM as scheduled in the Fall and during Lent. Our offerings vary widely and have included Bible study, discussion groups on books about theology or the practice of our faith, and small group sharing of our individual perspectives of God and life. Some of our education offerings use video tapes or DVD's of famous teachers to provide provocative ideas for discussion.

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