Based on our practice of baptismal ministry, Immanuel has a unique form of parish leadership. We have two bodies who take leadership roles in different aspects of parish life: The Vestry and Ministry Support Team. We also have Ministry Area Leaders.

The Vestry


Our Vestry is an elected group of parishioners, charged with oversight of our buildings, finances and other administrative matters. The Vestry approves contracts, hires parish employees, and does strategic planning. Vestry members can serve a total of six years. Then they must take one year off before returning to this role. The Vestry usually meets once per month.


Gloria Mansfield, Co-Senior Warden

Carol Jean Jones, Co-Senior Warden

Barbara Plumley, Junior Warden & Clerk

Charles Mansfield, Treasurer (pro-tem, ex-officio)

Bonnie DePino

Diana Leitgeb

The Vestry supports us all by making sure the buildings are in good repair, the bills are paid, the snow removed in winter and the church and its congregation can exist into the indefinite future.

Ministry Support Team​


Our Ministry Support Team is made up of parishioners who have been commissioned or ordained by the Bishop to serve the parish. They are charged with supporting the ministry of all members of the parish, leading and supporting each person to fully embrace their role as members of Christ's body.


The Rt. Rev. Thomas Clark Ely, Bishop of Vermont

The Rev. Steven Fuller, Priest, Preacher, Stewardship 

The Rev. Charles Mansfield, Deacon, Stewardship

Gloria Mansfield, Education, Stewardship, Religious Education

The Ministry Support Team reminds us of the reality of the ministry of all the baptized and it encourages and challenges us all to fulfill our various ministries in the congregation and the world.

Ministry Area Leaders


Barbara Plumley, Buildings & Grounds

The Rev. Steve Fuller, Worship

The Rev. Steven Fuller, Outreach

Robert Bowler, Communications

Gloria Mansfield, Religious Education

The Rev. Charles Mansfield, Stewardship

Coordinated through Office, Pastoral Care 


For further information on the structure of our ministry at Immanuel Church and the role of the Ministry Area Leaders, see The Minstry Development Working Document: 
Ministry Development working document.pdf.


Robert Bowler, Parish Administrator

Wendy Bayliss, Administrative Assistant
Ralph Aiken, Buildings Maintenance, Groundskeeper


Immanuel Episcopal Church is a Christian Community, which seeks to celebrate God’s  inclusive love as expressed through our Savior, Jesus Christ, and to embody it in the world. 




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